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Company REKORD SPORT producer of PREMIUM equipment – Complete gym equipment


Manufacturing gym equipment  is our passion. REKORD SPORT and XFITNES equipment enables you to achieve better strength results, because it is the result of our long-term cooperation with fitness, crossfit, athletics and weightlifting coaches throughout Europe. They share their experiences with us and we in turn transfer them to our products. 

A gym or fitness club today must be well-equipped, as the expectations of the exercising public are getting higher and higher. Professional gym equipment is no longer just free weights, but also a whole range of accessories, without which the gym environment is incomplete and non-functional. This is why we also apply our extensive knowledge to the production of such accessories as benches, racks, gates, platforms, equipment storage, discus, strength equipment.

Gym equipment also includes accessories for athletes and trainers, improving their safety and making their workouts more comfortable. If you would like to plan a new gym or redesign an existing one, we can carry out a new layout and layout of your gym or fitness club. We will help to design, realise and equip any such investment. 

We distribute our partner  NPG series gym machines which also include highly regarded exercise structures, among them, cross sets with additional components and wall machine sets.
To ensure that the gym equipment is not damaged, the room has professional flooring, which is also included in our range. After your workout, free weights and other equipment can be stored on special REKORD SPORT racks, which guarantee protection from mechanical damage.

The strength of our brand means that universities, sports clubs, gyms and sports centres are happy to cooperate with us. We are a partner of the Central Sports and Olympic Preparation Centre and of many sports federations in Poland. We can provide weightlifting and fitness training for everyone and for trainers to improve their qualifications. We want weight training to be optimal and to match the discipline practised and the potential of each athlete.